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Who We Are

High-quality Emerging tech( AR/VR/MR/IoT) developers under one roof. We are delivering apps and solutions with augmented, virtual and mixed reality for mobile platforms such as IOS and Android, for web, VR headsets, eyewear devices and the Internet of Things.   
Our mission and a big dream are to transform businesses into digital areas. Our approach is to implement the latest technologies such as augmented, virtual and mixed reality and IoT into all spheres of everyday users life. We’re going to change users and businessman’s and the user’s way of thinking and engage more digitality into their life. 
That’s why we are focused on delivering AR/VR/MR and IoT solutions for training, marketing, sport & entertainment, automotive, retail, education and new and new ways of products promotions. 
We’re open to new possibilities and new partnerships to help in growing your businesses or running your startup. So, feel free to contact us anytime, let’s discuss your idea! Let’s make something immersive together!

Services We Provide

XR Consulting&Ideation

Wish to add AR/VR to your business strategy but can’t arrive up with a grand idea? We’ve got your back. We’ll assist you to discover an innovative idea that'll drive your vision and beat your objectives

3d content Production

Professional service with experience working with AR/VR technologies. Our team offers you awesome 3d content and video production suiting the best for your business needs.

AR Development

Professional AR experiences development. We support all platforms, mobile and web. Out team develops marker-based and markerless AR solutions, Big Screen AR, Location-based AR, Ondometry. We used AR Core, ARKit3, Unity, Vuforia, and Three.js, 8thWall on the web

VR Development

We provide a high-quality VR development service. We are working with the Unreal Engine, Unity, WebVR. Also, we have expertise in working with different type of wearables

Our process



When we’ve received requirements from your side, we're working with your ideas. Our targer is to take product ownersheep on ourside.



We understand that every business is unique, and so are its needs. The conceptualizing stage is where your needs and requirements are articulated. Then our professional team begins the research process, deep solution analysis. 


Strategy & Plan

We begin the all processes with well-thought-out strategic planning. Our specialist will define your specific business objectives, organize the content so that to meet the needs of your potential clients, visitors, or buyers. 


Managing development&Delivery

This is one more crucial stage. Once we approved and conceptualized and idea, made research and built a plan we goona start the development part. We use the latest practice, frameworks, libraries etc. in our work. We take the development management part on our side. Our goal is to deliver a high-quality technological solution



We know, that to build great spftware it's not enough. It has to be promoted as well. We offer you our proffesional digital marketing services. We know how to attract user and to monetize your product.

Our Strengths


The highest quality is above all. We pay attention to every detail in everything we produce to exceed clients' expectations and to guarantee they leave us inspired and satisfied each time.


We focus on growing companies and building brands. Our talented team of experts takes an integrated approach to help clients attract their audiences and generate meaningful results.


We strive for excellence in everything we do staying a step ahead of the ever-changing world through innovative thinking. We always search for new ways to drive more effective results.

Areas we are working with


We're empowering your Brand and Marketing campaigns for the latest immersive technologies that make customers experience a WOW effect

Automotive&Corporate Innovation

We сan make your production more smart and interactive. Design your cars using XR technologies. Also, our solution can help you to enhance driver experience and make it smarter and safety


We are AR/VR development partner if you are looking for high-qualty development service for your startup

Industry 4.0

We can make your production or plant more digital and more interactive. You can save money on training new employees or test rapid prototype of your new product before going to production


  • LandLord photo

    Ghostbusters Virtual Reality

    An immersive mobile virtual reality experience for Sony’s blockbuster franchise, Ghostbusters.

Let's create something great together!

Our Achievements


years of practice in creating award-winning AR/VR solutions


high-level projects successfully performed and delivered


highly trained and talented people in 3d design, AR/VR development, and Tech management

Our Clients




We Are Hiring!

The IntreSmart team has great plans for the progressive growth of the company that demands to hire much more highly inventive and motivated thinkers and doers — designers, developers, engineers, menagers, leaders and more. We all work as a family within a supportive and friendly working environment. Join our team!

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